Many people have great ideas, but science and research has discovered that there are common elements to the projects that succeed and to those who fail .  There are also common traits and behaviors  to  the leaders who drive those projects. Like the Lettuce is an innovation consultancy that supports innovating ideas into impact using hands on workshops and implementation coaching to assist individuals, organizations, and their leadership with mapping out how to get from A to B through innovation.A common mistake that people make is thinking that innovation is a linear process, but we know that innovation is a messy yet fun scribbled plan that requires that you start not with A….. but with B. We have developed a series of researched based activities to unlock the innovative solutions and a system for tracking their implementation to ensure that your plan becomes a the start of an innovation culture shift in your leadership, project and organization. Our process isn’t for everyone.  It’s for innovators who are open to breaking old systems, creatively think of new solutions, value collective genius cultures, and are driven to provide impact to the world.   Working with us means that you are ready and willing to establish an action plan that is living, implemented and drives results. Working with us means stepping WAY outside of your comfort zone. 

As a boutique international collaboration firm, we use our vast knowledge of resources and maximizing our time through the power of cloud based infrastructure technology to empower organizations and projects that make the world a happier place.

We seek to support ideas and organizations with forward thinking leadership who don’t want to just think outside the box, but who are interested in experimenting, having make mistakes cultures, gathering feedback & data,  learn from it, and who know that innovation is a long process.  

We are highly selective in our clientele and limit our portfolio to projects that align with our impact mission and vision.  Most of our clientele are highly curated through referrals from our client family.

What is your B to A?

Why lettuce?   Our founder  Kristin Romaine, has a life mission that we all share— to #scatterjoy.  Her last name inspired our name, but also her collaborative approach and focus on personal growth and development.  Previously a solo consultant as we formed ourselves into a collaborative firm, we all still  wanted to focus on growth for seeding and small organizations and companies that were rooted in the values we have seen her generate in the community with her authentic and nurturing leadership style. We grow visions into reality thru nurturing growth in every aspect of your organization or company. We look forward to hearing about your mission and how we can collaborate for impact.

We are a Phoenix grown, Women Owned and Operated Business.